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The Tutorial Book

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I think that book has a good tutorial. It will learn you in how to do the  PIC microcontrollers, Jal v2 and Jallib.

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Advanced LED Lights

I like the tutorial book. It is very nice to learn more about this. I really enjoy in this. Thank you for the information that you share.

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New tutorials?

Hi moderators!

I'd like to tell you your work is great! Love it! But I have to do too
much research to find stuff I need to know to program certain chips
(yeh, RTFMicrochipM, that one).

Could I help you in writing tutorials about stuff I found out? I'll be
covering the Linux aspects of Jalv2 (x64 and ix86): blink a led with
pickit2 from terminal with pk2cmd (which is AMAZING), USB with 18f14k50
if I get my 12MHz crystal in a week, stuff like that. I've the following
IC's to cover:

- -16f887
- -18f14k50

And I'll buy some 16 bit and 32 bit chips later on.

Thing is: I'm opensource freak and I love low cost stuff (so no arduino,
sorry guys, but €50 vs €2?!)

Thanks for you reply ([at] and pull my pants
and do some other logic stuff with [at] to get my emailadress)

New tutorials?

If you're looking for a cheap, open source, DIY board, you can have a look at Jaluino Bee :)



If you wish to write tutorials, join us at

blogs are also welcome :)


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