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Jallib Tutorial Book Changes & Updates

Table 1. Version 0.4 (Release date: To Be Released
Date Comments
2011/05/23 Added print & format library.
2011/05/19 Added FAT32 tutorial
2010/04/22 Fixed English and integrate Youtube flash object in HTML output
2010/04/06 Alphabetical TOC
2010/04/05 Added RC servo & motor speed control tutorial
2010/04/01 Changed hard disk tutorial schematic
2010/03/25 Updated ICSP schematic and tutorial to reflect PIC Kit 2 pinouts. ICSP schematic matches Microchip Specification
2010/03/12 Updated SD Card schematic. Added pull-up resistor on chip-select line, changed resistor values for 5v-3v conversion
Table 2. Version 0.3 (Release Date: 2010/03/12)
Date Comments
2010/01/27 Fixed I²C bus schematic and modified I²C titles
2010/01/21 Added ADC introduction, re-organized PWM tutorials and titles
2010/01/20 Better quality Images on Getting Started, serial board, blink a led tutorials.
2010/01/19 Added serial & rs-232 tutorial
2010/01/15 New ICSP Schematic
Table 3. Version 0.2 (Release date: 2009/12/30)
Date Comments
2009/12/06 Added SD Card tutorial
2009/12/06 Added PATA Hard Disk tutorial
2009/12/06 Added ICSP tutorial
Table 4. Version 0.1 (Release date: 2009/11/22)
Date Comments
2009/11/22 Initial Release