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JAL library for the TM1637

The TM1637 has been around for quite some time but there was no JAL library available but it is now. You can purchase modules that have a TM1637 on board including four 7-Segment LED displays. The TM1637 device is, however, capable of controlling 6 LED displays and the device supports the scanning of a keyboard with a maximum of 16 keys.

The JAL library tm1637.jal supports up to six LED displays and it supports the use of the keyboard. The number of LED displays controlled by the library is configurable but uses 6 LED displays as default.

The features of the library are demonstrated by the sample program, shown in the following video:

The keyboard functionality is shown using 2 keys. During the demonstration of the various features, the keyboard is checked once in a while. If a key is pressed, its number is shown on the display (in this case the key numbers 12 and 14). After the key is released, the program continues.

In another video the library is demonstrated with a standard module that can be purchased. When testing the initial library the order of the displays was different from what was expected. Because of that the library was extended with a feature to configure the display order which can be determined by the user. This module has no keyboard functionality so only the display feature is shown, see:

One important thing to mention. These modules are often delivered with capacitors on the clock and data line. These capacitors lower the maximum clock speed dramatically and because of that the library will not work. Remove these capacitors if they are present on the module. These modules also have the required pull-up resistors which should be kept.