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Nokia 5110 Display Library

JAL had a library for the very popular Nokia 3310 display. Unfortunately the library was not part of the release since there were some issues with the graphics features of it. In the meantime the 3310 display has been replaced by the 5510 which has the same functionality since it still uses the Philips PCD8544 display controller.

Since I may have plans to use this display I ordered some and debugged the JAL glcd_nokia_3310.jal library. After having found the issues I fixed them an updated the sample files. Since the 5510 is nowadays more or less the standard I also renamed the library and samples to the 5510 type and added them to the release so it is available in the upcoming bee package.

I created a demo program that shows the features of the library, see the following video:

The set-up and schematic diagram are given in the attached document.

Note that the display operates at 3.3 Volt so resistors are needed to lower the voltage for the display if the PIC operates at 5 Volt.