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JALPIC One Development Board

In order to make JAL programming easy without the need of a programmer, the JALPIC One development board was created. This board has the same type of connectors as the Arduino Uno and the connections are - where possible - the same as the Arduino Uno.

As said the board can be used to develop and test your JAL programs without the need of a programmer. By simply connecting the board to your USB port, integrate a - compiled - Python script in JalEdit, your program can be compiled and downloaded with one click of a button. For Linux users the Python script can be used to ease the programming of the board.

The usage of the board is completely documented in the 'jalpic_one' project that can be found in the 'project' directory of the Jallib release. Currently in the bee-package until a new JAL release is made.

The attached document shows a picture of the JALPIC One board including a picture that shows the comparison with the Arduino Uno. As can be seen the board is slightly bigger and is made without Surface Mount Device components, which makes it easier for the hobbyist to assemble the board.

A short video that shows the operation of the board can be found on YouTube: