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Building Jaluino Medium board

"Where can I get Jaluino Medium ?"

Before explaining how to build Jaluino Medium board, one may say: "I don't want to build it, where can I get it ?". Good question ! There's currently no way to get Jaluino Medium other than building it.

In other words, you can't buy a PCB, nor a kit, nor a ready-to-use board, there's no such things to sell... Why ? Because most of this is still very new. In order to buy such a board, a big enough user base is needed. So ? Well, if you're interested in buying a PCB, kit or board, please share your interest with Jaluino Group1 ! By collecting such message, we, Jaluino Team, will be able to have a realistic overview of the need, and may then providing PCB, kit or even the board itself, for a decent price.

Until that time comes, you'll have to build the board. This kind of means it would better if you've already experienced PCB creation, not a pre-requisite, but almost to be honest. Fortunately, Jaluino Medium is designed to be easily built, at home, by average user. Nothing difficult here, it's mostly about having the right tools.

Building the PCB

Building the PCB can be done in different ways, depending on available tools, time, budget, easiness,... One easy way, and probably the cheapest one related to good results it provides, is to create PCB using toner transfert technique. The idea is to print the mirrored PCB on a paper, then tranferring it a copper board, most of the time using an iron (the same used for your shirts... well... maybe not the same !). PCB tracks are thus sticked to the copper board. Put it in echant, and you'll get your PCB. Most variations come from the different papers used.

Figure 1. Jaluino Medium PCB and component view
Important: don't use these images to build your PCB, as they may not be scaled appropriately. 1:1 scale PDF files are available on Jaluino repository, for version A and version B.

Labels (bonus)

When building Jaluino Medium board, you want it to be as beautiful as possible. That's normal. In order to add a nice finished and polished look, you can add labels on the component side. Before soldering components, think about it, after it'll be too late... or you'll have to unsolder all components and possibly damage them.

Figure 2. Jaluino Medium labels

Labels can be printed on paper, and sticked onto the component side. If you decide to go this way (which I strongly suggest if you want to impress your wife, friends, co-workers, dog, cat, yourself), follow the guideline here. (TODO: link to "Put labels on your board to make it awesome" tutorial).

Figure 3. Awesome results :)

Soldering components

Once your PCB is ready, use your faithful solder iron, and start soldering components. The following list shows all required components:

Component name Description
R1 1.2K resistor 1/4W
R2, R3 4.7K resistors 1/4W
R4 1.5K resistor 1/4W
C1, C4, C7, C8, C11 100nF capacitors
C2, C3 15pF capacitors
C5 220nF ceramic capacitor2
C6 470µF/35V capacitor
C9, C12 47µF/35V capacitor
C10 220nF capacitor
DB1 DF04M diode rectifier
U1 Microchip PIC 18F4550, with 40pins large tulipe support
U2 7805 voltage regulator
U3 3.3V regulator, see this section for more about this component
X1 20MHz crystal
J1, J2, J3, J4 1x8 female pin headers
J5 1x6 female pin header
J6, J8 1x6 male pin headers
J7 1x3 male pin headers
J9 Power supply connector
J10 1x4 male pin headers
D1 1N4148 diode
D3 1N4001 diode
D4 3" green LED
F1 500mA fuse and support
CON1 B-Type USB connector
SW2 Push-button (switch)
JP1, JP2, JP3, JP4, JP5, JP6 Jumper connectors (1x2 male pin headers)

Almost all components look like this, to give a rough idea (some are missing, like 3.3V regulator)

Figure 4. Rough overview of Jaluino Medium components

Finally, you may find these links interesting when building Jaluino Medium. They come from Jaluino blog and show some kind of step-by-step building of old (first) Jaluino Medium boards:
1 Jaluino Group can be reached at
2 This is a ceramic capacitor, dedicated to USB
Anonymous (not verified)
A component list for download

A component list for download will be convinient fo printing and for shopping.



Indeed, it would be more

Indeed, it would be more convenient. There used to be a XLS file in Jaluino SVN repository, but I removed it as it wasn't easy to update it using "vi"... I'll fill an issue for this.


Anonymous (not verified)
3 " LED

Did you actually mean 3 inch LED ?



3mm LED...

Hi Sunish,

Indeed, it's not 3" LED, but 3mm LED :) Thanks for pointing this, I'll fix this.



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