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This section describes shields compatible with Jaluino board. Shields are daughter boards you can plug onto Jaluino, to extend functionalities and features, experiment new designs...

Note: "shield" name comes from Arduino shields themselves. Arduino names such boards because it covers the entire Arduino board.

Crumboard shield

Crumboard shield is a prototyping shield designed for Jaluino. It embeds a small breadboard (thus the name, crumb-board...), two LEDs and two Push-buttons.

This shield is useful to test new hardware designs. It's also a nice base to learn how to use Jaluino and get started with PIC microcontrollers, experimenting very basic tutorials such as famous "blink-a-led", and read input from a push-button. Definitely a must-have!

Styx shield

Styx is a shield allowing to use original Arduino shields with Jaluino. This is an intermediate shield to make two different worlds talk together.

There's no magic behind this shield: pins from Jaluino PIC are arbitrarily mapped against pins from Arduino Atmega. Not all pins can be mapped. For instance, Atmel has often more PWM pins than PIC and, on the contrary, PIC often has more ADC channels than Atmega. So this arbitrarily mapping isn't perfect, but hopefully optimized and usable...

About shield connectors...

Jaluino uses connectors to plug shields. This design involves that you give special care and attention about them in order to get reliable and durable boards and shields. You'll also use a lot of them, so finding a good compromise between ease of use, budget and reliability is something very central in Jaluino designs. This section is about giving you some hints about these connectors.