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Jaluino documentation library


Jaluino Startingblock

Getting Started with Jaluino

Follow instructions and learn how to download and install Jaluino IDE, blink a LED to test your development environment, choose, install and configure a bootloader.


 Jaluino Map

Jaluino Medium User Guide

This guide is a detailed documentation about Jaluino Medium hardware. You'll find description of main features, references to schematics and PCB desgins. A detailed hardware configuration is exposed in order to fully understand different options you have using Jaluino. You'll finally find instructions to actually build Jaluino Medium board.


Jaluino Shields

"Jaluino Shields" document provides an overview of current existing shields you can use with your board. For each shield, you'll find references for schematics and PCBs designs and building instructions.

List is growing, stay tuned !