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Newer documentation for Jaluino can be found HERE.

Jaluino is a project aimed to provide Arduino-like boards (some may even say a clone on certain points), based on modern PICs (18 serie), and powered by jalv2 and jallib.

This section is dedicated to Jaluino.  You'll find here everything related to this project, like schematics, PCB, tutorials, etc...

Stay tuned !


Jaluino Medium v2.0


Jaluino Bee v2.0

Jaluino Library

Documentation library

Getting started with Jaluino Medium, user guide, tutorials, how-tos... This section provides every documentation related to Jaluino projects and shields.

NEW:  Getting started with Jaluino. Follow instructions to download and install Jaluino IDE, configure your environment, test your board with "Blink a LED" sample, choose, install and configure a bootoader. 

Jaluino Group

Discussion group

Having troubles, comments, suggestions, ideas ? Please report and share your experiments with Jaluino.

Project Hosting

Google Code

Jaluino is hosted by Google Code Project Hosting services. This is where you'll find download section, issue tracker to report bugs and feature request, and SVN repository containing all sources and materials related to Jaluino.

Anonymous (not verified)
Jaluino availability issue

The biggest problem with Jaluino being "accepted" or even "popular" is availability. At the moment there are no Jaluino boards available commercially or otherwise unless you make your own which is a significant barrier for most people.

Additionally, there is now another board designed to achieve the same thing, the Amicus, which is commercially available from several sources. It came after this project, but has now overtaken it simply because it is available "now".

Improving or not ?...

Thanks for your feedback.

Jaluino boards are sometimes commercially available :) There was a first batch PCB, for 16 boards, it worked pretty well. We could setup a new batch order for 50 boards and have even smaller price. Should we do this ? Should we put Jaluino into a professional vendor's hands ?

Since this batch order, we collected some feedback. See this thread, and this issue as log. As you can see, the design itself may not be finished, that's why setting up a new batch order right now may not be the right thing to do. Maybe we can continue to improve it.

Anonymous (not verified)
To be or not to be :)

Yes - I saw that 16 boarsd had been made and snapped up pretty quickly.

I also read the threads on Yahoo groups - the issue log didn't include any actual showstoppers from what i could see. Just "nice to haves". It works as is. Not saying you shouldn't improve it, these sorts of projects tend to be iterative affairs. The price of being an early adopter is that you may want (need?) to buy version 2 or 3 :)

I would give serious consideration to Seeedstudio as a vendor who will handle production and shipping though I note they generally require a $US 200 deposit. Failing that, their batch PCB service might eb the way to go. Either option would relieve you (or someine else) from having to deal with payments and shipping etc.

Just my 2c worth. If Jaluino had been available from Seeed, I would have bought one by now... I seem to be averaging an order a month from them :)


About Seeedstudio

Hi again, Anonymous !

I did consider Seeedstudio, even posted to their forum to collect some information. From what I could understand, their PCB pool service, where they produce a small qty and sell/ship PCB units themselves, has been abandoned, they prefer to focus on Kits Service. Since we would have to deal with shipping, we prefered going for an independent PCB manufacturer, for almost the same price (and far less for next order).

The problem, and you're right about it, is collecting orders and shipping items requires a lot of time, which I sometime don't have, as I'm not a professional vendor (this also means we control the price and keep it as low as possible...). For instance, I'd like to setup another batch for Crumboard shield (see and SVN for upcoming version 2: But I don't have time right now for doing this... Patience...

Thanks for your advices and feedback !


Anonymous (not verified)
Anonymous continues ...

I just noticed that Microchip now have their own competing "mass market" development board for the PIC24/dsPIC which is breadboard friendly, is USB powered, has a built in debugger & programmer, comes completely assembled for just $US 24.95 including PIC18F67J50 (though you still need to buy a PIC24/dsPIC chip). If you install an optional 6 pin header, this gives you an FTDI TTL-232R-3V3 USB cable connection for serial communication.


Very nice!

Anonymous (not verified)
Accessory for Android devices

Another board from Microchip with Arduino factory form. Based on PIC24F.


Anonymous (not verified)
Anonymous continues II

This kit also comes with the dsPIC33fJ64MC802 and PIC24HJ64GP502 chips for the $US 24.99 !!!

Anonymous (not verified)
And what kind of device would

And what kind of device would you recommend using this for?


Eagle Files

Hey Seb, where can I find the Eagle schematic and layout files?


Anonymous (not verified)
Eagle Files

in jaluinno SVN repos!

cheers, seb

Anonymous (not verified)
Eagle Files

Great, I'll take a look.

As this is a open source project, maybe these files could be included in the jaluino package. I looked, maybe I just couldn't find them?


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