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Jaluino PCBs soon available !

Jaluino PCBs, directly coming from India thanks to Sunish, will soon arrive at destination (my home), from where they'll soon be dispatched. This is the first batch order for Jaluino boards, very exciting :)

This order contains 15 units, 10 being already reserved (to be confirmed). If interested, please contact us on Jaluino Group:

Some photos, more to come...

Jaluino PCB Front


Multitasking and other fun on the PIC. Part 1

Multitasking and other fun on the PIC. Part 1

By Michael Watterson © 2010. All rights reserved. May be copied or printed for personal use only.

Jaluino IDE flash demo

Jaluino IDE (or Jaluinoide, that's its name), is an IDE for Jaluino. Main goals were:

Jaluino v1.1: enhanced Arduino-like board

Last time, I built Jaluino v1.0, the very first version of Jaluino. Jaluino is an Arduino-like board (some even say a clone), based on a Microchip PIC 18F4550, and powered by jalv2 and jallib. This first version was very encouraging, but several points had to be improved. Quite a lot of has been discussed, now has come the next version: Jaluino v1.1

Building Jaluino v1.0

Big time.

Thanks to Richard's last contribution, we now have a nice schematics for the first version of Jaluino board, and very clean and easy to build PCB.